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What is STEM training that goes along with educational robotics?

What is STEM training?

The STEM acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) first appeared in the US in 2001 and referred to the integrated and unified design of the teaching of its individual fields at all levels of education. This was done simultaneously with the abolition of the teacher-centered teaching model and its replacement with that which emphasizes the discovering method of knowledge, research and interdisciplinary work and activities.The purpose of STEM education is to link learning – theoretical knowledge – to reality – practical application – to bring pupils closer to the needs of modern society.

Undoubtedly, Science is everywhere in the world around us. Technology is constantly expanding into every sector and branch of our life. Engineering is the basis for that, but in today’s society it is more than that, because it is confronted with the global challenges of weather conditions and requires environmentally friendly ideas / ideas. Mathematics is behind every profession and activity of our lives.

In the 21st century, scientific and technological development is remarkable, as we are confronted with the benefits and challenges of globalization and the economy. For a better future, students need to get in touch and develop skills and skills in STEM education at higher levels, compared to what was accepted in the past.

What are the advantages of STEM training?

According to various surveys during the last years, STEM jobs are raising a lot compared to other professions that used to be on top in the past.

Graduates in STEM schools have a higher income than other graduates from other schools and more opportunities for a high-importance position in a company.

Students are in fact aware of the subject they are interested in studying and they are getting an excellent professional orientation.

STEM training cultivates critical thinking and paves the way for innovation (innovation of a new generation). It motivated the students not to consider something as it is shown, but look deeper and find all the answers that may concern them.

STEM training helps bridge ethnic and racial differences in the fields of Mathematics and Science. The initiatives aim to increase the roles of women and minority groups in the relevant fields with great results.

What is educational robotics?

Educational robotics is actually a new science that combines elements of software development, artificial intelligence, engineering and human behavior. It is a fact that its first integrated applications are in areas such as medicine, industry, etc. Educational robotics is inextricably linked to STEM training, as it exploits Technology and Mathematics throughout its range.

In the beginning of the universal robotics courses students using their own processors, sensors, motors and components make their own robots. At a later stage, pupils, who are the ones with elementary education, learn with specially configured software how to move their constructions with the help of graphical programming language via computer, acquiring engineering and problem solving skills. Therefore, through the technology of robotics, children are prepared for the professions of the future.

In conclusion, with appropriate STEM activities, such as educational robotics, which demonstrate the practical application of theoretical knowledge, students eventually realize that they can benefit our society and our world in general. Students realize that what they are learning is about their future, the future of the whole world, and they are gaining more interest in learning! They think of themselves as responsible of the world’s improvement and they try even harder in order to be a part of the world’s general effort to go one step further than the past. It is really important to be motivated in this way, so as their effort will be harder.