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What Did You Miss By Not Participating In The Funko Event At San Diego Comic Con 2017

Comic Con has always managed to produce some of the best events fans would ever see or be part of. This year’s Comic Con was no different. Along with many amazing performances and product launches, the world witnessed the launch of Funko app.

When Funko, better known for producing pop-culture toys, made the announcement of the launch, fans didn’t expect to witness an event like this. The organizers made sure that everything goes as per the plans.

The Event Day

The event day started on a high note with SDCC 2017 Funko Lucky Draw Game which was activated by PowerCore. All the players who wanted to participate in the game and win exciting prizes could register by visiting the event venue or from any remote location using this link –  https://funko.com/sdcc. The registration process was very easy and hassle-free. It didn’t include any app or game download in the smartphones. Just a simple registration process and they were good to go ahead.

Once the registration was done, users could grab different ticket number which would take the one step closer to their ultimate goal of winning prizes. Some of the popular prize options available at the venue were much talked about Poison Ivy, Bat Girl (DC), Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks), and Mr. Clarke & Steve (Stranger Things). Apart from this, the participants also had a chance to win Special Funko Collector Subscription Boxes from Disney, Star Wars, DC, and Marvel.

The day was packed with live performances, gaming activities, different prize distribution, Live demo and many other things. Overall it was one of the best events of the year and had everything to make fans happy. A total of 42 prizes were announced and distributed throughout the day.

The event did a pretty good job at making the launch of Funko App successful. In general, it enables users to keep a track of their Funko Toys in an easy and hassle-free way. Those who want to learn more about it can refer the official page of Funko and check what the app is all about.