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What are the Unexpected Benefits of Radar Speed Signs?

There was a time when the radar speed sign technology was used, now it is been in use for traffic calming efforts. This is because these signs help in reducing the speed of the drivers in both short and long terms. They are also referred to as driver feedback signs. They are cost effective with low start-up costs and no maintenance costs. But they aren’t the only benefits. We, at Traffic Logix have compiled a list of unexpected benefits of using the radar speed signs. Read on.

  1. Answer a triggering community wide question

Is speeding a problem? The complaints regarding the speeding drivers in the residential areas are one of the most common ones in the local police departments. The taxpayers deserve to have their grievances addressed with proper care and consideration. Those complaints need a portable way to document the driver behaviors. Some companies provide signs which are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, which are also light enough in weight to be installed by one officer. You can integrate this with the software that captures data on driver behaviors and any local police department can prove or disprove whether speeding is an issue or not. It is an efficient option.

  1. Enlighten the public and make the world a better place to live in.

There is an interesting science involved behind how the human brain responds to the driver speed signs. Let people know that they are speeding, give them a chance to correct their behavior and they actually will. That will enlighten the drivers and help them to be good citizens. The public praises a gentle reminder far more than flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror. No speeding tickets are equal to happy citizens.

  1. Driver speed and feedback signs help in solving budget and manpower problems

With no robotic stand-ins for police officers, you should be grateful for the automated features that lead to many tangible improvements. Radar driver speed signs help in accomplishing this by automatically reminding the drivers to shove down their speed, freeing offices to concentrate on urgent situations. When this is integrated with the affordability option, this means that most of the law enforcement departments should be able to see a return on their investment just within a year.

Traffic calming might not be the favorite daily task for every officer out there, however it is an important one. Just be safe out there!