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Ways to keep your Facebook account private and secure

There are a lot of options for people to relax or pass their leisure time. Social networking is one of them. Socialising is very common these days. One can use social media to extend their contacts, make new friends in their convenient area of interaction, take help of some advertisements and numerous other things. There are various such social networking websites. Facebook is one of them. Keeping your Facebook private and secure is not at all a tough job with the improving technology. Mark Zuckerberg has made it pretty easy for everyone to access their Facebook accounts without any hassle. However, still, there is an increasing amount of hacking prevalent these days. There are a lot of educated people who resort to hacking due to lack of jobs. What to do? Yes. There are a variety of ways devised by the help centre of Facebook that can help you keep your account private and secure, listed as follows.

Complain to the help centre.

Sometimes cases like this occur when you might feel that in your absence any other user has used your account and has sent uncouth messages or obnoxious images to people on your friend list. You should complain to the help centre at the earliest. There is an option which you will find at the top right corner of your screen which will allow you to register your complaint. Write your problem mentioning the intricate details. If possible, click a picture of the above and send it along with the complaint message. They will take action at the earliest and help you keep your account more secure henceforth.

Change your password frequently.

Another way of protecting your account is changing your password regularly. Yes, why not? That is the way you can best secure your account. It will be challenging for hackers to access your account if you keep changing the password frequently. This is also a suggested way of Facebook themselves to protect your account. You should keep changing your password in a couple of weeks intervals. Also, do use numbers and signs along with alphabets in your password. That is most required. You can use Hot Oz Coupons which will help you to learn more about how and when to change the password, with the help of their teaching aid.

Do not accept friend requests from strangers.

Although you might have a knack of socialising, it is strictly recommended not to accept requests of strangers. Although, if you are part of a common circle, say a music group and you have a lot of mutual friends with a person, then you can accept their request. Not otherwise, because that way your personal information will be at stake.

Deactivate your account.

If you feel your account is being used by someone else, you need to deactivate it at the earliest. That can solve your problem temporarily. For account deactivation, you need to visit settings. There you need to choose general settings, then manage your account. Then you need to select deactivate your account. You will have to give your password again while completing this process. There are a lot of options you will be given as of why you are trying to deactivate your account. You need to choose the option ‘my account was hacked.’ There is another and better solution to this problem. Click on ‘other’ and below that describe the problem that you have been experiencing.

Delete your account permanently.

If you are not yet convinced, you can very well request a permanent account deletion as well. Many people do not know that this is possible on Facebook. It is very simple. There is an option to choose permanent deletion, and that’s how it will be done instantly. This is another way you can stay safe from your social media account being hacked.

Complaint to the police

If you are not convinced of the strategies above, the best option is to go and file a police complaint. You have to file a complaint to the cybercrime department of the police. Now you might be wondering are they efficient enough? They are. There are experienced personnel in the cybercrime department of police who will get your job done quickly. They will track down the IP address (internet protocol address) of the hacker and trace his location. Once they arrest them, it will be easier for you to prove your innocence.

Once you follow the steps as mentioned above, you can be tension free. Likewise, you can use social media, especially Facebook at ease.