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Useful (Free) Video Conversion and Burning Programs

If you work with video files often, then you’re all too familiar with the need for robust transcoding software that allows you to format your video to work on a wide range of devices. Creating professional-looking videos or discs doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg: there are many software packages that have been developed for the task that are completely free of charge.

To help you find exactly what you need, let’s look at some of the more popular – and cost-free – alternatives to expensive video transcoding and burning software.


HandBrake is one of the most widely-suggested video transcoding packages available today by sites like Burn World, and you can get it for absolutely no charge. Completely open source and available on any operating system, HandBrake allows you to convert video files to almost any standard or format you could think of – and even some you can’t.

The interface is extremely easy to use, but don’t take that to mean this software isn’t fully-featured. Presets help those who are unfamiliar with video transcoding to get the right settings for their device the first time.

DVD Flick

It’s hard to think that a developer could stuff so much power into a program that doesn’t cost the user a dime, but with DVD Flick, that is the reality. You have the ability to compile DVD video discs using almost any video type imaginable.

DVD Flick will convert them for you to a DVD-friendly format using the parameters you have selected; you have the ability to change aspect ratios, audio channels, subtitles and more. Though menu customization leaves a lot to be desired, those who aren’t concerned with precise control over menu aesthetic will find a lot to love about DVD Flick.


If you need to cut up video files for use, there are a wide range of options available – but Avidemux does it at no cost. Though the name can be misleading, Avidemux actually supports almost any video format. This software can make repetitive tasks a breeze with scripts, task queuing and batch processes, allowing you to get more work done in a shorter period of time and without the tedium.

Avidemux isn’t just for snipping videos, though: you can add or remove audio channels and subtitles as well.

WinX DVD Author

For an easy-to-use program that offers a lot of customization of menus – and at no cost – consider choosing WinX DVD Author as your tool of choice. WinX DVD Author allows the user a ton of control over the finished product, permitting you to make professional-looking DVD media without breaking out the wallet.

Almost any video file type can be used in your compilation; all necessary encoding will be handled by the software using default settings or configured as you have directed. If you need to create a robust media disc quickly and easily, then WinX DVD Author has you covered.

With a few cost-free tools, you can be well on your way to finishing that YouTube project or creating a DVD video compilation to share with friends. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash to create professional work: there are plenty of tools available at no cost right now!