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Tip on How to Find out iPhone 6S Screen Repair Brisbane

You can get your iPhone 6S screen repaired at Brisbane for a reasonable fee. This is an on the spot fee with no call out fee and also already includes installation. We will come to you at work, home, lunch break, at a university and all devices will be fixed from the mobile van. In fact, you can even watch us while we work. This usually takes about 20 minutes from the mobile lab. We can repair from the street, car park, just about anywhere you want.

What is included?

This fee also includes:

  • Thick glass protector for your screen
  • 30-day damage insurance
  • Technician callout
  • 5-year warranty

Once the tech is finished with the replacement or repair you can pay with cash, VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

Other information

All the replacement parts are the exact same quality that the phone had when it came to you originally. And of course, our 5-year warranty on original parts. All of this for an affordable flat fee. This is what you will get for iPhone 6S screen repair Brisbane. On top of everything else there is no cancellation fee as this business understands that often there is a change of plans and because of this they stand by their no cancellation fee policy.

Just give them a call and work out the time to meet and everything will be taken care of.

Repair other models

Other iPhone models can be repaired also at various fees, with the fee schedule listed on their website. All these popular repairs include the 5-year warranty on parts, great repair time, and free hardened glass screen protector as well as installation fee.

Other requests

Other popular requests include:

  • Replacement of battery
  • Water damage recovery
  • Charging port repairs
  • Home and power button
  • Ear or loud speaker
  • Rear casing or back over
  • Microphone or mic fixes