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  The Importance of Agile Estimating and Planning

Agile systems have become one of the most important methodologies in the field of software development today. A huge number of companies have implemented Agile to great effect, and it is difficult to find a company which has no relation to Agile whatsoever. This means that getting the right certification in Agile can definitely help your career since companies are always in need of talent.

What is Agile Estimating and Planning?

Agile typically functions around making estimates and planning greatly in advance. This means that as a team, you will have to make solid plans about how you are going to proceed in the future – be it in the case of Sprint sessions, or the product release. 

“Just enough” is a major concept in Agile, since the teams have to decide what constitutes ‘just enough’ when they are planning for the requirements, sizing and design. This can be a source of frustration since it is difficult to pin down what exactly just enough means. 

There are multiple methods of estimating and planning, in the Agile system. The first is the capacity method, in which the tasks to be done are split in terms of the number of capacity hours they take and allotted to teams. 

In the other method, velocity estimation is carried out. This refers to the number of user stories that a team completes in a single sprint, and the team takes up user stories for the next sprint based on the number completed last time around. If the team unanimously feel that they can do more, the number of user stories is increased.

Why Should Estimation Be Done?

One obvious reason for this is that estimation is highly accurate, and teams rarely have to bite off more than they can chew. While the estimation for the first sprint can be difficult, it becomes easier in the next based on the experience of the team and the average of the usual numbers that they could do.

Velocity planning is extremely useful because it gives an idea of how much a team can get done in a sprint, rather than how much they work in a capacity hour. Therefore, teams can clamp down if they are feeling overused or underused, and the team capabilities are optimally filled. 

Frequent re-estimation is not necessary when it comes to velocity estimation. User points are treated as size based estimates in this case since stories themselves cannot tell the team how long they will take to be completed. 

Capacity estimation can be great for smaller tasks but can be misleading when it comes to more complex user stories. Also, the advantage of velocity based estimations is that they are always in touch with the capability of the team, as it evolves.

What is Agile Estimating and Planning Course?

Agile Estimating and Planning Training refers to a workshop which is conducted so as to help Agile practitioners estimate their capabilities better. This means that they would learn how to successfully plan and complete a project well within time, without having to be overworked towards the end.