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Syncing Android with Mac – potential issues

 Mac and Android have become much popular Operating Systems to the consumers. Nowadays, lots of users have bought the devices that work on these platforms. In many cases, they need to avail their important files in both the devices. That is why most of them have considered installing SyncMate, Android File Transfer replacement app. However, while using this app, they have faced various issues and raised lots of queries. We have found out those common issues and presented the potential reasons and solutions.

Data removal issue

  • While you are uninstalling SyncMate from your Android set, the data, related to this app, also gets removed. So, your iCal data and Address Book details, synchronized from your Mac PC, become disappeared in an automatic way. However, remember that this is not the error of the software. It is the major way in which the installed apps are uninstalled from any Android platform. Prior to the uninstallation of SyncMate, you have to ensure that you have synchronized to Apple’s device.
  • Android devices (OS v.2.1) remove iCal data from your sync app’s account after you have rebooted the system. Thus, it is better to have a backup of all calendar events for avoiding the loss of data.

Bluetooth-related problems

While there is a failure of Bluetooth link of your Windows mobile and SyncMate, it indicates the Bluetooth stack is not from Microsoft. So, you have to check out the potential of setting connection through Bluetooth with Windows phone.

Data duplication

Duplication of notes and contacts is another common issue to the users. You may find this issue while making a modification to the events or data and changing the direction of synchronization. When you are trying to synchronize those new entries with no prior syncing, you can face the problem. After altering the direction, the details get cleared. That is why SyncMate does not do any change. There is another reason behind the copied events, and it is when you have assigned alarms to your calendar dates. Audible alarms cannot be detected by your Smartphone, and so, this data cannot get transferred rightly. You should deactivate the sound before syncing.

Thus, you have to remember the above facts, while you are using SyncMate, the best Android File Transfer replacement software. We have given the solution to only the common errors and issues, faced by most of the sync app users.