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Superior Selection – Why a Premium Address Can Drive Your Business Forward

The serviced office has been around for decades, and one of the reasons it has seen so much success is that it has made working in some of the more affluent areas more accessible for most businesses. In today’s office space climate, many urban centres demand a premium price to lease space in these areas. Alternatively, though, the serviced office is a more affordable option than leasing space.

As with other types of real estate, location is very important for a number of reasons. One of the central reasons your business’s location is important is because it often determines its success. This potential for success is the reason the serviced office is of import to businesses who find having to search for inexpensive office space in an affluent area exhausting.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why a premium address can be the catalyst in moving your business forward.


Image is very important in business, and a professional office in one of the more exclusive areas in Manila can really impress your clients. The serviced office can provide your business with space that has a physical address and a dedicated phone number in a prestigious business district. Ultimately, on a very topical level, this conveys to the world that your business is striving to convey a professional image, which is attractive to prospective clients.


One of the best factors about leasing a serviced office in an urban centre is that it places your office in proximity to other important businesses. This is especially important as it relates to the people who frequent the business. In fact, it is not unheard of for businesses to get clients because of surrounding businesses. In the serviced office layout, you might find yourself sharing an office with people from a number of industries that can all be sources of businesses.

Furthermore, this proximity aids you in the everyday operations of your business. As opposed to having to search for resources, you might be able to get help from people who work in your building. This, in essence, relates to having access to resources that are in a centrally located place.

Foot Traffic

Another reason a prestigious location is important is that these offices tend to be around major sources of foot traffic. While central business districts tend to comprise financial institutions and other corporate offices, they also are a hub of eateries, boutiques, and more significantly, transit. All of these sources of traffic bring in diverse populations who could potentially become your clients.


Working in the city has major advantages, but the greatest is that it is so convenient. Regardless of the industry, working in the city is so much more convenient in transacting business because of all of the industry that surrounds the business district. While working in a less centrally located area might be more inexpensive, accessing resources is difficult.

Case in point, you are a lawyer who needs a notary. In an office located in a prestigious area in the city, you are likely to find one in an office in your building as opposed to working an office far away from a business centre. Prestigious addresses, while expensive, can eliminate the hassle of finding resources.

Moving Up and Forward 

Leasing an office in a prestigious location can actually facilitate your business’s growth. Serviced offices give businesses an affordable option to leasing in affluent areas and are important because of the access they provide to businesses of all sizes. More significantly, the serviced office allows businesses to reflect a professional image while capitalising on its many benefits.