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Star Rating Of Air Conditioning Units – Learn Everything About The Topic

The efficiency of an electrical appliance is usually gauged based on their energy star rating. Apart from physics students and engineering graduates, people will not easily understand the terms “Amps” or “Watts”. If the salespersons from the electrical appliance selling stores try to explain to you about why you should buy their products in the terms of Amps and Watts, you will surely require a translator who can breakdown the conversation as per your understanding capacity.

The star rating of energy consuming appliances was first introduced in the year 1980. This Act was not completely applied on all electrical appliances till the year 2007 and in this year, AC was also rated under the energy consumption standard.

Regulations of Different Kinds of Air Conditioners

If you visit the official websites of some brand names such as Lloyd, then you will notice that there are actually two different kinds of ACs that are available in the market today. The first type of ACs is the refrigerated types and the second types are the ones that are evaporative. Refrigerated type of ACs is actually in great demand when compared with the yearly sales of evaporative kin of ACs.

Refrigerated air conditioner type is actually divided into two other types namely cooling only unit and reverse cycle unit. ACs with reverse cycle unit will not only cool the room, but will also act as the heating unit during winter season. Cooling only AC units, as the name says, will just cool the temperature of the room.

Actual Meaning of Star Rating

The efficiency of the air conditioning unit is measured in the terms of star system, and each AC is star rated based on their energy consumption level. If you look at the type of inverter technology and energy efficiency of each AC type, then you will notice that the cooling air conditioner types will be star rated with blue coloured stars and the ACs that work reverse cycle systems will be star rated with red coloured stars.

The star ratings with different colours will make it easier for the buyers to compare the energy efficiency of both the reverse cycle system and cooling air unit kinds of AC unit and make their decision. You can even visit the official websites of the brand names of each AC unit and can learn more about the working mechanism in detail.

Always remember that the ACs with higher rating will usually cost you more than the ACs with moderate or lesser rating, as the higher rating ACs are actually durable than the other types of ACs. If you compromise with the price over quality while buying a cooling unit, then you will spend extra rupees in the future days for the repairing of your AC units. Hence, it is suggested to go with the star rating instead of price range.

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