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Science that we see today is the technology we will witness tomorrow

Flight operators today are in a constant tussle to balance comfort, safety, and profitability in business. This calls for a robust system that accurately tracks the performance of the infrastructure. Fortunately, a host of application based software have helped airline and air-freight companies to ensure that their fleet is in the ‘prime of their health.’

A filter for everything:

Digital forerunners such as Avpro, provide a user-friendly Aircraft Work Order Software that provides an optimum set of operational activities for fleet maintenance teams. This software is up to date on all FAA and EASA compliance.

It gives an overview where the user can select and maintain any job order from the list, or filter the list to select any individual customer’s set of work orders. This filter can be user-defined identities, such as quotes, Work Orders and many more. By assigning a ‘status’ to each one, users manage Open, Closed, Un-Invoiced, or Voided as part of the filtering criteria.

The Ace job scheduler and payroll master:

As a front end user of the aircraft work order software, you will have a bucket load of functions that brings a multitude of capabilities at your fingertips such as:

  • Produce detailed documentation for the repair crew to fill in as work is completed. The work crew can also enter task related details directly into the work order database, as work is done.
  • Act as a virtual ‘time clock’ by logging details like work times. This is crucial for payroll activities from the start of shift to the end of shift with breaks. It allows managers to capture, edit, and generate reports on employee payroll labor time, and task level labor time/costs.
  • Other reporting options, such as the ability to produce a log book sheet and fill in 8130-A forms, based on the task card management features are available with this application.

Get exactly what you need:

As a ground maintenance team in charge, this software scores all the checks on your wish list such as:

  • View the complete accounts of invoices, details of all payments, outstanding balance, and a summary of key account details.
  • Generate parts quotes, requisition parts from the inventory manager, and place a work-order related parts order.