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Python Training – KnowledgeHut’s Most Wanted Course

Python has the great ability to integrate easily with all other technologies. It offers high degrees of stability, volatility and productivity in bigger projects. Opting for Python course from KnowledgeHut is a wonderful opportunity to everyone who is keen in developing their concepts are coding in Python. The Python Training in KnowledgeHut clearly explains you the architecture, design philosophy, scripts, applications and the entire overall package with many clear practical and theory sessions that are trained and offered by professionals with years of hands-on experience in Python. KnowledgeHut offers the training in two modes, online and e-learning. Candidates are open to pick their choice based on their availability. This course definitely benefits those candidates who are looking to take up a career in Web development, Software programming and/or Application development.

About The Course

The Python Training Course helps you to understand how to unit test Python applications with ease. It is a beginner level 24 hours instructor led training offering an immersive hands-on experience in Python. You can grasp the fundamentals of Python like object-oriented programming, variables and control flow structures. They teach you how to use Python’s extensive support libraries and object-oriented design to deliver Python packages. The registered candidates get immediate access to the materials, webinars and presentations for learning. The classes are held throughout the week and the batch timings can be chosen by the candidates as per their convenience.

Here is what you will learn in the duration of the Python course:

  • Python variables, IDEs, command line parameters, string formatting, expressions, math operators, literals, strings, built-in functions and keywords
  • Flow control, while loops, if and elif statements, lists, for statements, range functions
  • Indexing, Slicing, Enumerate, Operators, List comprehensions, generator expressions, dictionaries and sets, sequence iterating and Tuples
  • Formal parameters of Functions, Local variables, Global Variables
  • Working with Files, Reading text files, Raw data, Pickle module
  • Errors and exceptions handling
  • Dictionaries and sets, fetching keys and values, deleting elements
  • Using modules, Search path in modules, Package Installation Ways
  • Regular expressions, Pattern matching, Subexpressions, complex substitutions, RE tips and tricks, RE objects
  • Object-oriented Python Programming, Classes, Initializers, Instance methods, properties, class methods, static methods, private methods, Inheritance, ┬áModule Aliases and Regular expressions.

A maximum of 12 hours effort is put each week by the candidates which include live class, self-study and assignments. In case the students are not able to pick up a session, they can alternatively pick another live session for compensation.

Why Must You Go For KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut is a training academy that offers multiple options of certified programmes to choose from. The world of web application development is a very competitive one. It is paramount that you stay on top by knowing all the tools and technologies that point to the future. Python can be your career gateway. So do not wait to pick your Python Training with KnowledgeHut and improve your competence. KnowledgeHut greatly helps you to reach your professional target, provides higher knowledge retention, offers convenient scheduling and an accessible learning platform for you.