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New in Gaming Laptop Platforms

If you’re in the market for a new gaming laptop I’ve done some looking around and found some great things to look for. I used the Razor Blade gaming laptop as my template to go off. Gaming laptops are some of the most powerful mobile devices and give the most pleasure to the avid gamer.

The Razor Blade 15

First things first let’s dive into what the Razor Blade 15 has to offer as far as key components go. General specs are as follows, a 15.6-inch display in full HD, 1920 by 1080, IPS and 60Hz. The processor sports an 8th generation intel core. It has an 80Wh built in battery, with the overall weight around 4.6 pounds.

Why would all these aspects be important in a gaming laptop? Well what do you use a laptop for? Its usually the convenience of having a full-size computer as a mobile platform. The ease of taking it where ever you may be the main factor of the laptop. So, things like weight and monitor size are huge factors especially for the gamer. Other aspects such as display quality and processing power along with battery life are key factors to how well and how long a gamer can enjoy his time.

The Monitor

When looking at a laptop monitor there’s a lot to consider, keep in mind your also looking for a laptop for gaming on top of that. If you have a 60Hz monitor it doesn’t matter if your GPU is able to render games at 90 frames, your monitor will simply lock the FPS down to the refresh rate of what your display can handle which would be up to 60 frames per second. Yes, some laptops support higher frame rates, however most games are going got be played in 60 frames and that’s all. It’s up to the processor to make the game run smoothly to ensure clean game play and clear screen time.

The processor

For a gaming laptops core its recommended four be minimum and anything higher is only a plus since games are becoming more and more graphically intense. Besides the core number on your laptop look for how fast the CPU runs. This is of course vital to gamers since everything mentioned is about smoother game play. The better your laptop can handle heavier refresh rates the better smoother your game play will be.

Weight and Size

It’s no surprise size and weight would affect a mobile device such as a gaming laptop. The easy one is weight. The heavier the laptop the more of a burden it is while traveling a packing. You’ll expect to pay more for luggage the heavier the device. You should always look for the lightest one however the same can’t be said for size. As for something like a 13 inch gaming laptop, its more about the thickness.

Thicker may be better for laptops. The thickness effects things such as overheating, power output and noise output from the laptop itself (not speakers). So, looking for a slightly bulkier laptop may be a better option.