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Marketing Automation Software – Customer Segmentation and Campaign Management

Getting products and services to target consumers is the goal of every organization; several other variables are tied to this. For example the volume of an organization’s product that ends up with consumers in exchange for a reasonable consideration or the clientele base that regularly patronizes the services of an organization has implications for their revenue, profit, dividend pay-out, earnings per share, returns on investment and a host of other variables. However, a business that wants to remain a going concern would not just aim at one-time sales. This is the line of difference between selling and marketing. While selling has the aim of getting customer to make a purchase, getting the customer to make repeat purchases and winning the lifetime loyalty of a customer is the goal of marketing.

In today’s world marketing has gone so sophisticated; marketing in contemporary times is not just publicity through prints and other media; it is about staking a claim to a niche of the market on a global scale using the multiple platforms on offer by digital technology. One new solution to marketing offered by digital technology is the use of marketing automation software. Many marketing functions that would have required huge investment in human capital to carryout can be seamlessly achieved without spending an extra dime than the cost of installing this software. There is almost no marketing task not covered by the automated software. Talk of market segmentation, sales acceleration, market demand measurement and analysis, lead capture and the likes; all run as an automated system on the marketing software. The major advantages that accrues to your firm for using this software includes operating efficiency and accelerated growth. Marketing automated software are designed to carry out two major functions

Customer Segmentation: Customers differ in their expectations, wants and other characteristics. In recognition of this, organizations group customers who have similar characteristics into a niche and then target the products that meet these unique characteristics at them. Many organizations have the database of customers of these different groups; what marketing automated software does is to target and text relevant messages that appeal to the unique needs of each of these groups to them. This has been proven to generate high purchase conversion and elicit positive responses from market segments; no doubt achieving this in each of the market segments would drastically increase revenue.

Campaign Management: Relationship marketing is key to winning customers loyalty; automating sending text messages on a particular theme to the touch points of clients including their e-mail and social media accounts does a lot in presenting an organization as a friendly brand. Apart from touch points, digital technology have provided more channel options marketers can utilize to execute their campaign management; blogging, social media, SEO, podcasts, presentations, and webinars are a few of this channels. The advantage with these channels is that marketers do not have to do the repetitive job of creating contents of messages over and again; a single message with relevant contents can be shared across all these channels. This gives marketers wider market coverage with a single message.