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M1 Electric Skateboard – A quick review

M1 Electric skateboard is the new craze for adventurous, high speed riders. And it’s being super loved by the new generation who is always excited to try new gadgets which offer high speed and mileage for a spectacularly adventurous ride.

This Electric skateboard will give you a thrilling experience which you have never experienced before.

Here are some of the great features of M1 Electric skateboard

  • This best skateboard got hub motors meaning the motors are inside the wheels
  • Has a longer range with swappable battery
  • Has a premium durability.
  • Board has three riding modes that you could change with the remote.Mode three the fastest which goes up to 20 miles an hour
  • Inboard weighs about 15 pounds
  • It has a carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Full 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.

As mentioned above the battery is user swappable but it’s also really easy to do it you just twist the latch remove the cover pop the battery output a new one in close it up and you’re good to go it’s simple and only takes about 15 seconds from start to finish.

Third, it’s got integrated headlights and taillights white in the front and red in the rear you can’t adjust the brightness or change the colors and the lights are always on when the board is on but it’s definitely a best electric skateboard.

Let’s talk about the remote, there’s a button to change riding modes a safety trigger that has to be engaged to use the throttle and of course the throttle itself. The remote is comfortable and works well no disconnections.

It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge a battery but it’s swappable in seconds, which means you don’t have to wait for long to enjoy your ride and get this you charge the batteries outside of the board and they’re using magnets it’s similar to a Max eight plug on the older MacBook’s.

The inboard weighs about 15 pounds with the battery which really isn’t too heavy. This board is super minimal in design you literally cannot tell it’s an electric skateboard at all.

It is amazing the board itself is made up of some really hard composite material and the deck is nice and wide and like regular skateboards, you can totally kick this thing up and walk away with ease. I think one of the best things about this electric skateboard is it doesn’t have to do with the board at all but this bag inboard includes a bag with pockets for everything.

Coming towards the wheels they are super sticky they’re rubber so you can take turns at high speeds without slipping braking is also surprisingly good the throttle is really sensitive so riding takes some time to get used to.

M1 is the perfect best electric long board for guys who want to cruise around whether it’s to the beach or the parking lots or the roads through the traffic it’s simply a stupendous electric skateboard for a fun loving ride.

You cannot believe how wonderful this M1 electric skateboard is before giving it a try. Once you have ridden on it journeys would be full of adventures and thrilling experiences. This is the best skateboard so don’t think much and buy this electric skateboard for an electrifying and never-ending fun ride,