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Intrinsic Safety Features of Linear Transducers

The mining industry is considered to have some of the most hazardous working conditions. Miners are constantly exposed to volatile gas, dust, and other harmful particles. Despite the increased safety measures employed by mining companies today, there are still accidents that can cause unfortunate casualties.

These accidents in mines are caused by sparks from electrical components of machines resulting in explosions. The frequency of these accidents led to the development of intrinsic safety. What this means is that any electrical machine or part should not produce enough heat to cause sparks. Manufacturers are expected to comply with these standards before a part can be deemed safe for use in mining.

Ensuring intrinsic safety

A part such as a linear transducer is not considered intrinsically safe by itself. There are strict and detailed instructions that need to be followed in the installation of parts to ensure that the entire system is intrinsically safe. Sensors with certified intrinsic safety to be used in highly hazardous mining conditions should operate only with low voltage and current. These devices should also be devoid of large inductors or capacitors that may induce sparks and explosions.

Other principles are also followed when it comes to wiring. For wiring to be considered intrinsically safe, it should be separated from wiring that is not safe. Proper labelling is also done to ensure that safe wiring is distinguished from that which is not considered intrinsically safe. To ensure proper regulations, there are government agencies around the world responsible for the inspection and certification of these machines and parts that comprise them.

The importance of safety in industrial machines

Most industrial machines that need linear sensors are subjected to extreme environmental conditions. For the most part, this equipment is often found in large industrial applications such as oil drilling, manufacturing, and agricultural production. With the operation of these machines, comes a certain amount of risk. Those who are qualified to operate them have to undergo proper training in order to prevent mishaps in the workplace.

Part of the commitment of many manufacturers of sensors is to ensure that each part produced and sold complies with the highest safety standards. Each item should undergo inspection and must be awarded the necessary certification before it is approved for large-scale production and distribution.

Industrial buyers who are looking for sensors have the convenience of buying online from some of the leading distributors of position sensing technology. With this convenience comes the need to ensure that parts are only sourced from reputable sellers. You can always look for certification, safety standards and if possible, check if the manufacturer also offers the option to customise parts. Customising sensors according to the dimensions required for the application ensures higher accuracy in measurement.