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Increase the level of the character to 100, its pros

To get the new features that your favorite character can use in the popular World of Warcraft game, you need an addition. Thanks to wow boost, you will have a new kind of weapon; additional options will added to existing ones.

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Addition Legion provides an opportunity to raise the level of the character to 100. This gives the opportunity for the emergence of new professions, such as:

  1. Tailoring. Sewing of clothes and other items made of fabric. A companion profession is absent;
  2. Cast spells on weapons, clothing, and equipment. This improves existing characteristics and adds new ones. A companion profession is not required;
  3. Leatherworking. Sewing from the skin of armor, bags (the accompanying profession is the removal of skins);
  4. Blacksmithing. They create armor, chain mail, weapons for various types of combat (long-range, near). Mining is a companion profession.

If the character is below the level of sixty, and an increase ordered for him, the professions will not rise. If the level is at the level of sixty, or is higher, then the level of first aid, as well as the basic professions will rise to 700.

In addition, increasing boost wow provides an opportunity for all characters who have been pumped to level one, to learn the Skills. If at this point in time you do not have a flying animal, you will be provided with a base animal.

There are some limitations when being promoted.

  • Before you fully agree to the upgrade service and confirm it, you need to make sure that the selected character fully meets your requirements. After the service provided, there will be no possibility of making changes.
  • If the Wow token is in the bank, bag, or mailbox of the selected character, this limits the use of the leveling service.
  • When the promotion is raised, the task log of the character will be reset and the achievements in the tasks will be deleted.
  • With an instant increase, you will be deprived of the opportunity to purchase additional content for the character within three days, and if you try to change the race, faction, appearance or name before the deadline, an error message will appear.
  • Within twenty-four hours after applying the service, your character will not be able to enter the dungeons of previous add-ons or attend raids.

After ordering the upgrade service, a button will appear in the menu. Clicking it, you will receive instructions with instructions for actions.

If you used the service of raising the level, then before you continue the exciting adventures in the game, you will need to pass a test scenario. The former equipment will be sent to you by mail, and you will receive a new set.

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