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I know what you did last session

If you’re reading this; you’re at risk. Whether you’re on a laptop or a cell phone or a desktop workstation, if you are connected to the internet; you are at risk of being watched. Every click you make is a target for the hacker. How could you ever know? Well, you can learn more at https://www.wandera.com/blog/wi-fi-risks/

The previous web address is typed out exactly because hyper-links don’t necessarily go where they say they will go, and again, you’re at risk. So, go ahead; find a link and click it; see what happens. 

You no longer must stay off the Internet for fear of being hacked and all your personal information getting compromised, because for every hacker there are a hundred digital warriors hunting them down. The despicable malicious hackers are indeed out there, but the truth is they are outnumbered and the people hunting them are infinitely smarter and more cunning than they are. If this weren’t true; the Interned couldn’t function at all. 

It’s a wonderful age we live in and the conveniences we all enjoy every day are all connected to each other, and that’s what we want; right? We want everyone to share and be connected and work together, but as the sun is sure to rise; there are bad apples in every barrel and it’s simply a fact of life here on Earth in the 3rd dimension. We are always battling the criminal element, and rest assured, malicious hackers are criminals. Even the ones who do it for fun. 
The incredible Wi-Fi connection technology has cut the cord for us and freed us from our desks and homes and offices and we will not give it up. Being conscious of your security measures when hopping onto a public wireless network is always a best practice, but who does that every time? Not everyone and the criminals know it, and they’re always lying in wait for that one un-secure connection they can exploit. Then it’s all over in an instant. 

The hardened, experienced and tireless digital warriors tasked with hacker tracking, are also constantly and vigilantly on the job. Hacking is the game, and counter hacking is the game. With award winning software, your company will be protected at the source of every connection and safe; secure access is assured. Employees who use corporate networks can re-focus on the important tasks of each day in or out of the office. 

When visiting the web address above, you’re going to find some very detailed and complex descriptions of this rock solid digital security measure, and every word is backed up with industry leading performance. The solutions presented and offered are world class and are setting new standards for the rest of the world to follow. Protecting your network and wireless devices is serious business and no detail is overlooked. The Internet and all electronic devices are constantly evolving and so are the measures taken to protect all who use them.