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How To Unlock Your Iphone Without Losing Any Data

How to unlock your iPhone without losing any data

Technology serves as a helping hand for humans. It helps us to reduce an effort in any work. Mobile is one of the greatest inventions that served us in different ways and which is beneficial for us. As like any other thing, technology also has some drawbacks. Sometimes the advancements in the technologies create trouble for humans. A large number of peoples carry their useful data stored on a mobile phone but what will happen when you get to know that your access to that data is not possible? All your important info is in trouble of getting erased, what will be your action in this scenario?

iPhone has its own set of rules, on which its privacy depends. As in today’s digital world the value of data is very high. iPhone also has a strict security system. iPhone does not work with any new network if your phone is already locked with any particular network. You might have inserted a new sim form any other carrier network that displays a notification of sim card not working. In this case, you will feel frustrated with the phone’s carrier network and want to fix it immediately.

Network lock

Now a day’s latest mobile phones and devices are expensive as well as advanced.

Many people face a problem when they try to insert a new sim card from another carrier into their iPhone. If this happens to you, it means your iPhone is carrier locked.

This situation leaves many users, frustrated.

But why does it happen?

iPhones come with a particular type of lock based on the network carrier. You cannot use other GSM mobile networks on the iPhone until it has a network lock enabled. The method of unlocking of this lock is made hidden in the phone’s system software, so it becomes difficult for you to unlock these network locks.

How to detect the network lock

Security is the primary concern for most of the peoples and iPhone has taken a further step in this by adding network carrier based locks. There may be possible that the network lock may or may not enabled on your iPhone. The best way to check the status of this lock, you can take a new carrier sim and put it in your phone. If it works fine, then it means your phone is not network locked, but if it shows some error and you are not able to use the network service, then your phone needs to be unlocked.

How to unlock iPhone network lock

There are some ways present to open the network lock of your iPhone. All these methods are legal and secure. You can take help of your carrier network service provider, or you can use some third-party websites to unlock your iPhone.

By network carrier service provider

In this scenario, you can contact your carrier, and they will assist you in this matter. You have to give the necessary details that are required by the network provider, and they will verify all your details and then take the right actions. You need to wait for some days for the completion of your order. After this, the carrier will unlock your phone.

However, there are many limitations present of this method. Many times it is seen that they decline your request just because, there is a possibility for them that they can lose you as a customer if you switch to the different network.

By third party websites

In this case, many online websites will be able to help you to unlock iphone. First, you have to choose the correct website and then navigate to that site. You only have to fill out some details regarding your phone, i.e., your phone model, the name of the network on which your iPhone is locked and the IMEI code of your phone. Make sure that the details are correct.

After filling out these details, you will navigate to the payment section, and after completing the payment, your order will be completed. After all, this, they will be able to unlock your phone without losing any data. It takes two to three days to process your request, and then your iPhone will be opened.