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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac OS?

I lost a Microsoft Word document. I thought I saved it but I didn’t. My MAC won’t show any recovered files either. I am a project manager and I need to urgently send this proposal file forward to the client. There is no way of writing is again in such a short time. What can I do? How can I recover unsaved Word document from Mac?

Microsoft Word is widely used to process, write, and edit documents. But, losing progress on a Word file leads to chaos. Mostof the people working on Word need these doc files for work purpose. When these files are lost, panic follows.

But, the damage might not be permanent. There are various ways of Mac file recovery.

A Few Things about Mac OS and Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word for Mac works a bit differently. Read what happens to your doc files:

  • Unsaved files are temporarily saved at trash> recovered items> folder.
  • A copy of these unsaved doc files is saved as a Word work file in the temp
  • There is an auto recovery option in Mac Word files. The files are AutoSaved every 10 minutes. If your Mac crashes or shuts down abruptly, you can use these AutoSaved files.

Recovering Unsaved Word Document

The easiest for file recovery for Mac is to use a software solution from reliable providers such as Stellar. Let’s see how you can install Stellar Data Recovery for Mac software.

  1. Extract the zip file. A virtual volume for Mac Data Recovery will be formed.
  2. Double-click this volume of Mac software to view its application window.
  3. Now, drag Mac Data Recovery files to desktop or application folder.
  4. To launch the software on your Mac, double-click this file.
  5. Accept the license agreement.
  6. Click Finish.

After this, Mac recovery is simple.

  1. The Mac Recovery Software will launch on the Mac PC.

  1. Just start the scan process.
  2. Wait for a few seconds.11.
  3. See the preview files.

  1. Select the ones you want to recover.

  1. Hit recover.

Now, wait for a few more minutes. Your files will be recovered. You can open the unsaved doc file, save it first, and then start using it normally.

With a fast scanning engine, you will be able to recover unsaved Word document Mac in minutes.

Other DIY Methods of Recovering Unsaved Documents

To recover unsaved Word document from Mac, you can also use some DIY ways. Check these easy ways of recovering Word files.

1.     Check Recovered Items

We know that Mac saves files temporarily. You can find these files in the Trash folder.

  1. Go to the Trash folder of the PC.
  2. Search Recovered Items.
  3. Open this folder.
  4. Look for your unsaved doc file.
  5. If you can locate it, copy it. Paste it to another location.
  6. Open this file in Word.
  7. Save it.
  8. Continue working.

2.     Look for Temporary Unsaved Documents

Just like unsaved files in the Trash folder, Mac often saves temp files as well. You should check the TMP folder to see if your unsaved doc has landed there. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to Finder> Go> Go to Folder.
  2. Now, go to directory /private/var/folders
  3. Here, open the Temporary Items.
  4. Scan the files to find Word Work Files.
  5. Move Word Work Files to Desktop.
  6. Then drag it to Word icon.
  7. If this is the file you want, go toFile> Save as.

3.     Utilize Auto Recovery Feature of MAC

The Word for Mac has auto recovery feature, which saves files in every 10 minutes. If your Mac PC suddenly crashes or stops, you can recover your doc from auto recovered files.

  1. If you are currently using Word, close it.
  2. Now, go to Finder> Go> Home.
  3. Here, go to the Documents folder. Then, Microsoft User Data.
  4. Look for files that read AutoRecovery save of.
  5. Find you unsaved doc and rename it. Don’t forget to add a .doc extension to it.
  6. Click the file to open it in the Word.
  7. Go to File> Save As.


Anyone can accidentally miss saving a doc file and close the Mac PC. At times, the PC might shuts down because of low battery. There are various other things that can lead to unsaved Word docs. Most of the times, these doc files can be recovered easily. But don’t tamper with the folders. Don’t try to format your Word file folders or save other files with the same name. You can end up losing the doc file forever.

Further, it is not suggested to use unauthorized software. It can harm your PC and you might lose your files permanently. So, only use the above trusted DIY ways or data recovery software such as that from Stellar Data Recovery. A pioneer in data recovery services in India, the company has its presence 18+ locations across the globe. Stellar has more than 3 million + customers worldwide. Stellar has a strong portfolio of Class 100 Clean Rooms, in-house R& D team, has offers more than 100+ data recovery & repair software solutions. Stellar has become the first and foremost choice of various Fortune 500 companies