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How To Memorize The Deck Of Cards With The Simple Technique

Do you like to become a Grand Master of Memory? Only a few people in the world had claimed that Title. However, there are several tips and tricks that could easily help you to improve your skills to the next level. Imagine about memorizing the order of cards in the deck as quickly as possible and you would see that the secret of card counters is much easier to break. Using celebrity matrix and mental map, it is convenient to memorize the random deck of cards even in a single view. Do you like to know how to memorise a deck of cards then you can follow the instructions and it will take little time and requires a lot of practice. When you master the skills, you could easily amaze your friends to the extent. Picture yourself that you are at the doorway and looking around the room with spotting 5 large pieces of furniture. Instantly, Picture them in a clockwise direction and you need to avoid choosing the same item for the different rooms. Memorize them until you can repeat with your eyes closed at the rapid succession. In fact, you would get confused or something persistently would give you the trouble of finding the things easier. Likewise, below are the simple steps that help you to memorize a deck of cards

how to memorise a deck of cards

Learning The Cards:

Before learning the tricks, you need to imagine and convert the whole 52 cards into best 52 celebrities. Your mind would ignore mundane then remembers unusual. When your brain imagines more, it would be easier to bookmark and recall them accordingly. To recall 52 celebrities, it is important to suit each of them based on the personality type or each card such as Jack, 10, Ace, and more corresponding to the profession. It means that you would have the 2 cues that help to remember celebrity based on the given card. You can remember that the Diamond cards are rich people, Hearts are people you love, Clubs are crazy or tough people and the Spades are the amusing or absurd people. All the odd number cards are male and all even number cards are female and they have paired up accordingly. For instance, 5s are the controversial males, while 6s are the controversial females, the 9 card is powerful men while 10 cards are powerful men women. Likewise, you can also include the profession to easily associate with them based on your imagination.