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How to Check Your Building for Fiber Internet Availability

Upgrading to fiber Internet service for business can offer plenty of benefits. Be it a boost in productivity, greater speed and reliability, the fiber internet has become a must-have trend for businesses. Today many providers are expanding their services in different cities, and the fiber Internet availability is becoming one of the major qualifying components for any internet company.

But switching to fiber do cost some money, and the most deciding factor of its cost would be whether your office or business location building is a fiber lit one, or if there are any fiber resources nearby.

For that we need to know a bit in details about fiber lit buildings, and here we would share with you a few ways by which you can check whether your building has fiber internet availability.

What is a Fiber-Lit Building?

A fiber-lit building refers to the fiber facilities that are physically installed into a concrete constructed site that is connected to the network of a fiber provider. A building cannot be considered as fiber-lit if the range of the fiber reaches only its pole or the underground when handheld outside the building.

In any modern business, placed in a fiber-lit building does make a great difference especially if you want to upgrade to fiber Internet as soon as possible, at the lowest possible cost. The entire process of upgradation would take much lesser time and effort if you’re already situated in a fiber-lit building. As it would reduce the workload as well as material cost of installation, the overall cost too would be cheaper.

If you have a moving business and you need to consider switching to the fiber-optic Internet service, make sure to choose fiber-lit places for your future business locations.

Fiber-lit Buildings Bring Faster and Upgraded Connectivity

Even with the support of a highly-responsive carrier, at times there can be a chance of prolonged waiting times that is associated with liting up a building with fiber for the first time. This can happen due to some crucial factors like complexity of the construction, distance or proximity to places railroad, a subway or water bodies etc.

Depending upon the location of the building, the physical barriers that might interrupt the process installation the construction permits, and contracts should be signed, because all or any of these can contribute directly to the lengthy waiting times for an Internet connection that has a lightning-fast speed and is of high-bandwidth.

How to Find Out if Your Building is Lit for Fiber

For all this, you need to know, whether the building in which your workplace or business is located is fiber lit or not. Determining the fact whether your office building is currently lit for the fiber requirements, the process of identifying the major fiber providers around your locality should start. The online maps would enlist all major fiber carriers in sequence of their proximity to your place and all other relevant information regarding the steps to make your building fiber-lit.