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How Putting Technology In PPE Will Improve Job Site Safety

The Importance of PPE & Changes to Multiple Industries

Almost every industry depends on the use of personal protective equipment to keep their workers safe while doing the job. As we talk about this, the first sector that would come to mind would probably be the healthcare industry, as people here have to work with dangerous machinery or equipment, and hazardous motor all the time.

Although this is relatively true, it’s also worth considering that it’s not the only industry that needs PPE to stay safe. For that reason, we have decided to discuss how putting technology in PPE will improve jobsite safety.

Before anything else, keeping PPE on-hand and in excellent condition are very important, however, it’s only a part of the safety protocol. Which means, it’s also important to teach the workers how to use and remove the equipment correctly, at the right time, and at the right place.

PPE is also of great importance across different industries. Employers should pay extra attention on how they pick, implement, maintain, and manage PPE for their workers to ensure a safe work environment.

The Impact of Technology to PPE

Perhaps, the most notable way technology could improve safety is through the use of personal protective equipment. From safety eyewear to PPE integrated wearables, technology has the ability to make what’s already standard, do a better job.

As PPE manufacturers begin to develop innovative materials and formulations, not only will they be improving the overall safety, it would also lessen the total cost.

For instance, safety eyewear improvements could include anti-scratch and an anti-fog coating on lenses, together with improved clarity and reduced glare. It would also be more beneficial to workers if the frames of these glasses are lighter as well. Another great example would be the development of new visor material that can withstand chemical splash and high impact.

These technological improvements through PPE integration could also combine safety eyewear with hard hats, and clothing, such as safety vests. The wearer would have a more comfortable and fully-protected attire that would keep them safe while performing dangerous tasks.

Proper Monitoring of the Workers

With wearable technology, it would be possible for project managers to monitor the health and safety of their workers, while they are on the construction site, and this can also improve communication at the same time. Wearable technology is usually attached to clothing, but it can also be a part of PPE, such as safety vests, safety glasses, and hard hats. These wearables can automatically capture data and give real-time feedback. Aside from that, they are also capable of tracking biometrics, enabling voice calls, video calls, scan bar codes, and even detect if there are any harmful element within the area.

A Way to Determine if the Worker’s Illness Is Work Related

Organizations can also utilize wearables to determine if the illness is work-related. This can be helpful with cumulative diseases, such as poisoning, hearing loss, skin disorders, and respiratory diseases.

Additionally, PPE, such as safety vests are being utilized in the integration of wireless and Bluetooth technology. This innovation makes it possible to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. With technology, it’s possible to create an indoor GPS capable of tracking and understanding people, material movement, and equipment. It can also identify dangerous areas, and connect with worker location to advise them where to go.

One great example of this would be the use of smart glasses. There are some industries where their technician’s record videos using smart glasses to show clients in real time what’s happening in the location. These organizations aim to use smart glasses as a means to capture the knowledge of senior technicians and utilize it to the fullest.

The Future of Smart PPE for Construction Sites

Smart wearables aren’t limited in the traditional workplace anymore. For the past few years, even athletes utilize PPE technology that allows them to measure and improve their performance. Also in the military, some leaders wear wearables to track their soldiers and monitor their productivity.

What we’re trying to say is that technology has a positive impact on PPE, These latest innovations help workers to ensure their safety and be more efficient when performing their job.

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