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Four Simple Steps to keep your Copier Functional and Efficient

You can’t just leave your copier doing all that you expect it to do, without treating it right and maintaining it properly. It’s funny how everyone in the office gets surprised when the copier suddenly stops working after years of usage.

Do we really think our copier is immortal and it cannot complain when you treat it harshly? Not that we’re personifying copiers, but just like all other equipment in the office, it is prone to wear and tear. It deteriorates drastically and sometimes in a short span of time due to misuse or unrelenting usage. Your office copier is one of the most vital office equipment. A business operation runs more smoothly with a copier. That’s the reason why you should either purchase a multi-functional, advanced copier or engage the services of a company that offers copier rental Singapore to supply your business needs.

The good thing is, keeping your copier functional and efficient does not require too much expertise. Here are some doable steps to keep your copier working magnificently.

Use it well

When we say use it well, it’s as simple as it sounds if you’re responsible enough to avoid activities that will damage your copier. You must use it properly by feeding dry and unfolded paper to it. A slight fold or crumple will cause the paper to jam inside. Wet or greased paper produces the same effect on copiers so avoid using them for printing.

Don’t eat or drink in front of the copier to avoid spillage or any possible cause of getting the copier wet and dirty. Put it as far as possible from any source of water, like water dispenser, faucet, or the refrigerator.

Clean it regularly

Don’t you know that cleaning your copier is so simple you only need a soft, microfiber cloth and a soft brush to do this? Make sure you turn all the electrical connections off. Your hands and the cleaning materials should be dry as well. Use the cloth to clean the glass part and other exposed areas of the copier. Do this at least once a week so dust and dirt won’t accumulate in your copier. Use the soft brush to clean the internal parts of your copier.

Don’t use just any other cleaning tool or product on your copier. There are chemical-based cleaners that are not safe to use for copiers and electronic equipment. Purchase one that is not too harsh or those products that are designed specifically for fax machines, copiers, and the like.

Don’t turn it into a storage area

Let’s make it clear. Although your copier looks like a strong equipment that can carry a lot of load, never ever put anything on top of it, especially something heavy. Use it the way it is designed to be use and not as a shelf or a box. Don’t store papers inside the tray for a long time if you will not use it during vacation or for a long time.

Turn it off when not used for a long time

Turn it off and unplug it the moment the last person in the office leaves. Aside from reducing  electric bill, it will also protect your copier from premature malfunction. Let it rest while your office is on a long vacation or when your business is not operating. Make it a habit to turn it off when your office is closed so it can cool down when not in use.