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Fake VS Real Followers on Instagram

Many people use fake likes to boast about their popularity. However, the sad part is that it won’t work for long. Advertising real business by using fake followers won’t help to get you good business. Some fake likes and followers give a massive drop to your traffic which could be bad for business. You must buy Instagram likes that are genuine and organic. According to the influencer marketing firm, a good campaign can bring you up on social engagement and a little investment can get you genuine followers on Instagram. If you are unsure why your competitor is suddenly enjoying a big list of followers and likes, do not panic; there are possibilities that he may have chosen fake likes and followers to scare you.

Fake VS Real Followers on Instagram

Buying organic likes can get you real followers on your Instagram profile. Numerous service providers give you varied range of options and benefits to increase likes. Robot followers won’t interact with you and this can harm your business. You wouldn’t be able to understand the actual response of your business through these fake likes and followers. There is also something called Instagram Bots.

Instagram Bots are script based accounts that are used for different purposes. These are used to hide the fact that you are using fake profiles. Comments are pre added and created randomly to show increased interest in your profile. The real purpose behind this option is to increase your product value and advertise the product with a spam method.

Some industries purposely keep lower levels of social engagement on Instagram for specific reasons. One of the reasons for this distance from traffic is to show the upscale business that they believe in class and not mass.

Real is always better than fake.


Another risk of fake followers is that you are risking your Instagram profile with the possibility of hackers. Spams and fake profiles often carry virus to the system, which may hamper your existence on social sites. You may have seen posts from people informing their friends about their profile being hacked. It is because you never know who enters your site. It is always advisable to find the targeted audience individually and catch hold of a genuine service provider to increase the likes.

If you ever spot profiles that have no personal pictures but anything on earth on their profile, it could be marketing or spam profile. These unreal accounts do not have any data in their profile. These are not legitimate followers.

It is only pacifiers to self satisfy that your account has good traffic. However, what would this traffic get you? The answer is – Nothing. Something that doesn’t exist can’t get you business.

 You must always buy Instagram likes that are real, as fake popularity doesn’t stick for long. Those who know you well will follow your posts and get you more business or followers by commenting on your posts. Be genuine, there is no fun in Fake VS Real followers on Instagram.