When it comes to the scope of the 3D printing service industry, the pace at which the technology is developing is mind-blowing. Let’s be honest, 3D printing can prove to be quite tricky. With its large scope, the 3D printing industry has now opened its doors to the large-scale manufacturers. Typically, new technologies are made commercially viable before they are allowed to be used by the common user. The feasibility for consumers refers to how easy the technology has become for the common man to operate. In other words, common users are required to learn the basics and some tips and tricks before they start using the 3D printer.  

If you are a beginner looking to step into 3D printing, we have narrowed down some basic tips for beginners to help you grasp the basics of 3D printing and become unstoppable.

  1. Get hold of the perfect first layer

In the world of online 3D printing, getting a solid first layer marks as an extremely crucial step. This paves way for a strong foundation to support the rest of the model and save help you escape potential problems that could arise later on in the print.

To make sure that your first layer is a good one, ensure that the nozzle is placed near to the print bed. Level the print bed and bring it close enough to the surface.

  1. Cross-check the quality measurements

Unless you are completely sure that everything is perfect and as per requirement about the 3D print, ensure that the printer’s settings are set to the lowest quality when you are printing it for the first time. This will help you save time if the printed model doesn’t live up to expectations.

  1. Select appropriate materials

Ensure that the printer’s settings are right for the type of plastic you are using as they will all be needing different settings. For instance, if you are planning to use ABS plastic, ensure that you preheat your build platform to the max temperature as this will assist in ensuring there is no edge curling.

  1. Look out for calibration

Don’t assume by default that the printer will automatically calibrate on delivery. Perform all the necessary checks before initiating to ensure there is not a single waste printing.

  1. Ensure the printer is clean

As with any other machinery, the key to the long working of the printer is timely and proper maintenance. It is vital that you keep your printed well-maintained to ensure that perfect 3D prints are created. This will also ensure that the 3D printer gives service for years. Don’t forget to clean build platform of used adhesive to ensure that the objects being printed sticks in the right manner.

Final thoughts

Since 3D printing manufacturing companies are increasing in number, it has become very important to know the basics thoroughly. As a 3D printing service provider, follow the above-mentioned tips to help you create stunning 3D printed models that exceed the expectations in terms of quality, smoothness, and timeliness.