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Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

When you have a tight budget and are looking at ways to help build your reputation, content marketing can provide some more benefits over traditional advertising. Content marketing is marketing that uses the creation and sharing of different content pieces, such as blogs, social media posts, and videos to indirectly promote a brand.

Content Marketing Is Cheaper and More Effective

Using a traditional press release just doesn’t get the same attention it once did. Unless you are a big company, your press release isn’t likely to gain any traction among the big websites and blogs. You could be spending thousands of dollars distributing a press release that is going to go nowhere. There could be a much more direct way to get your message across and you can do that by developing a guest blog strategy. By developing helpful and informative articles that appeal to your target audience, you can get published on big sites. These posts may not be directly focused on your mission, but they go a long way toward showing prospects of your business. These posts also help build quality backlinks to help increase your search engine presence.

Inbound Marketing Is a Great Way to Increase Business Leads

You could pay for leads from Facebook or Google with advertising, but depending on your industry and which keywords you are targeting you could be paying about $30 dollars just for one click. Even with this expense, there isn’t a guarantee that the lead could turn into the sale. Keyword pay per click advertising isn’t a self-sustaining solution either. As soon as you stop paying, your ads disappear. However, if you invest your money into high quality and unique content that gives some value to your customers, you can generate discussion and links. By adding the right content to your site, you are building a website that Google and other search engines will love organically. Over time, you will start to show up in the search results for many of the keywords you want without having to pay Google. A bonus is this traffic won’t disappear just because you stopped paying for it.

Outsourcing Will Allow You to Focus on Your Business

Building a content marketing strategy isn’t easy, but if you outsource to an agency that can help you can focus on the other aspects of running your business. By hiring an agency, you can let experienced marketing writers work on a tight budget. This also allows you to avoid the time it takes to hire someone and onboard him or her, and you can get high-quality content work from a writer with far more experience than someone you could hire on a salaried basis. An agency can help you build your reputation in your industry with minimal time investment. Content marketing agencies work with you to collaborate by using quick phone interviews to get a sense of topics that you want to cover, and then they do the work for you. It will also provide a scalable model for growth. Many will work on a monthly retainer basis and clients can adjust their content needs on a quarterly basis, along with their budgets. Over time, you can add new projects to help optimize growth or scale back on content, in order to focus on other marketing needs. If you are hiring a full-time employee just to work on content, you aren’t able to just stop giving them work or increase it as easily.