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CHEEP-24×7 On Demand Local Home Service App

Today’s world is a very busy space, a place where most individuals are not able to enjoy the little pleasures of life due to increased demands from employers, family and life as a whole. However, with the Cheep App for Android and iOS devices, people in India are now able to delegate some of their chores and have enough time to relax and enjoy life.

With an increase in the number of sites that claim to offer skilled home services across the internet, it gets daunting to pick genuine professionals from frauds. Nevertheless, with Cheep, all you get is convenience, reliability and professionalism. Being an on-demand home service app, Cheep gives you the golden chance to have your home services done cheaply and quickly without having to hire a fulltime nanny, housekeeper, driver, repair expert, tutor, carpenter, cook or electrician among others.

In the modern home, emergencies are bound to occur from time to time. The only way to resume normal functioning is usually by having them solved soon enough. Cheep allows you to order services from their verified and trusted experts. You will be required to select the kind of home services you need, share the details of the job and choose your preferred date and time for the service. You can also take a picture of the task and share it, especially in cases of breakdowns that require repairs. You will then receive quotes from the professionals, view their profiles as well as their proposed prices and hire the ones you are satisfied with. There is also the option of negotiation if you are not contented with their prices. After successful negotiation, you can hire the professional and relax.

Cheep offers one-button access to the world’s most demanded professionals who are always at your service. Academic tutors, appliance repairs, baby sitters, cooks, carpenters, electricians, drivers, fitness trainers, laundry services, housekeeping, massage, makeup, plumbers, salon services, pest control, tiffin services, Yoga trainers and painters are all available on request. All you need to do is download the Cheep App to your Android or iOS device and book any of the services offered.

Unlike most other apps and websites offering on-demand jobs, Cheep employs the services of verified, certified and trusted professionals. The quotes offered are transparent and competitive, thus you can easily choose the best depending on your budget and services offered. In addition to that, Cheep makes booking of the services and specialists easier and quicker. The work done by these experts is insured and comes with an after service warranty, which makes them trustworthy and credible. You may also ask for a refund in case you are not satisfied with the job done. Its emergency alert button is truly a great feature in terms of ensuring your safety is their first priority in case of an emergency.

Whether it is repair work at your home, or you need your makeup or a meal fixed, Cheep will get it done. All you need to let the professionals know is the kind of services you need and your preferred schedule. Cheep is free of charge for both iPhones and iPads, as well as Android smartphones and tablets.