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Build ManyChat Message Chats and Learn Why Chatbots are the Future of Marketing

We are currently living in a digital world that companies are now relying on chatbots instead of hiring actual people to take care of their customer service. You should check out this link: https://smartbotmarketers.com/ for more information on chatbots.

Since the world of marketing is constantly changing, most people working in there will implement new technologies and communication channels with the idea to boost customer service.

Let us start from the very beginning:

What Is Chatbot Exactly?

The idea is to avoid over complications by saying that bots are computer programs that feature the ability to automate specific tasks, and they can chat with users through the conversational interface you will get on the website you enter.

You can find simple ones, but high-end bots use artificial intelligence so that they can understand complicated and personalized requests and make responses based on your ideas, which will ultimately lead to learning and improved interaction as time goes by.

This particular technology is not developed in full capacity yet, so most of them have to follow a set of rules programmed by humans in bot-building platforms. It is simple as ordering a list of statements as well as written responses, without coding and anything.

Imagine that you wish to purchase a new charger for your phone, as soon as you enter the website, you will have to scroll numerous pages until you find the one you wish and you have to fill the payment information and shipping as well.

On the other hand, having a bot means that you can tell it to order your charger, and it will guide you through options and place the order without any additional problem.

Have in mind that behind the scenes, the bot will lead you through a series of dependent questions to collect appropriate and necessary information so that it can understand your intent and satisfy your needs. That is the main reason why people use bots for their particular needs.

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Why Are Bots Gaining Momentum and Popularity?

Bots can help you solve things and problems or questions that you have on a website or if there is an item you wish to purchase. The idea is that consumer behavior shifted quickly and as people conduct searches, they want to reach the information as quickly as possible.

More and more they are turning to voice search, which is a much more convenient choice than typing especially because they can do it. Since email boxes are becoming more cluttered, buyers have moved to social media so that they can follow brands.

That gives them the additional control as well as ability to unfollow, block and opt out a brand that they do not wish to follow anymore. Since the emergence and popularity of messaging apps, bots will help you find solutions no matter which type of device you are using.

You can avoid time-consuming browsing and cluttered inbox, which is much better consideration when compared with another side. Bots will provide you service that will help you along the way, which is entirely different approach from self-serving marketing of the past.

Challenges of Building a Chatbot

This particular type of problem is not technical but conversational one. Your primary goal is to understand all examples of interaction your audience will have with your brand so that you can implement appropriate answers on particular questions that they will make through it.

The ultimate goal of any boat is to provide service to people that want to use it. However, you should stop thinking that bots are communication channels because you will have misguided focus as a result.

Most bots feature the ability to create micro-decisions and to follow them based on consumer’s experience on a daily basis so that they can help them along the way.

It does not matter if it is adjusting a reservation, implementing shipping info for order; they will provide you a solution, which will prove convenient for your customers. There are a lot of information available online where you can learn how to create a chatbot in notepad.

We can break down bots into two distinct categories:

  • Informational bots – Informational bots can provide your customers and users with a new format that will help them consume content much better than before. For instance, you will be able to subscribe to breaking news alerts based on the reading habits.
  • Utility Bots – They are here to solve some problem that user has and that could be numerous things through different communication methods. The most common one is shopping bot that will help you order new jacket or flowers. According to recent studies, more than 47% of shoppers are open to purchasing items from a bot’s suggestions. However, that is not their only capability, because they could automatically scan your emails, book meetings or give you notifications when you need them.


Therefore, we can easily say that in the future, there will be less and fewer people providing you customer service and responses in case of some questions. You can avoid leaving the messaging app, and you can video chat a friend, hail a cab, or order food at the restaurant.

Since it has become integrated into the society as well as businesses, you should avoid being obsolete when compared with your competitors, which is why you should improve user experience by implementing AI Chabot that will help you along the way.

It does not matter what is its primary function, because the keyword you should remember is the ability to answer questions of your users, potential customers and customers in a timely manner. Messages are an extension of conversation, which means that you can reduce the hassle and enjoy.

They will provide your users exactly what they are looking for, and that will increase user experience so that you reach more people in the future.