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Best Ways to Switch Between User Accounts in WordPress Instantly

Looking forward to switch between WordPress user accounts? Well, this is seen as an important procedure while testing new features on your site. At this time, you would require switching to and fro between user accounts serving varied user roles. Although it is possible to log out manually and then login to a new account, the process is not efficient. It also results in waste of time on the part of user.

In case, you wish to switch between accounts, here’s how you can do it in WordPress:

The Need to Make a Shift – Why Make a Shift?

WordPress allows you to add new users and authors to your site. Here, it is crucial on your website under user role allocated to them. This provides permissions to perform different tasks on your website.

Another good thing is that you may allow users to register on your website. They can also set a default user role for new users. Simply visit the Settings » General page.

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Default User Role

Being the owner of a website, you are assigned automatically to the administrator user role on your site. This promises you 100% control including the aptitude to accomplish all user accounts.

But testing fresh features on your site is not enough. It is crucial to have a look at see how things would appear for users with varied permissions and user roles. It is essential when running a WordPress membership site or a store online. You can do this manually by simply log in via using the credentials for each user account.

However, the process is time confusing. So it is better to switch to any user account immediately. Next, switch it back once you are over with testing?

Use of Plugin:

Start by installing and activating the User Switching plugin. Once activated, you need to go to the ‘Users page’ in WordPress admin. Here, you will see a ‘Switch to’ link adjacent next to each user account.

Swtich to Option

This option is available only for users with an administrator user role. Experienced WordPress developers recommend this. Once you switch to a new user account, it is time to test website logged in as that specific user. If you need any assist for WordPress, Feel free to ask us: www.jiteshmanaktala.com

Switch Back Account

Now you may switch back to your own user account. All you need to do is click on notification shown on screen.