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Benefits of Using Instant Messaging in Your Business

The world is going through a blitzkrieg of technology and products nowadays. The population’s attention span is getting narrower and narrower in this torment of ads, banners, brands etc. Businesses are facing issues garnering customer’s attention and loyalty. That is where Instant Messaging(IM) with its vast array of possibilities can help align the business with the life of now. Instant messaging is cheap, convenient and less time-consuming for the customers as well as for the businesses. Quality interaction with instant messaging can make the consumer feel at ease and thus more likely to stay loyal. Some of the major benefits that Instant Messaging can provide for your business are listed below.

‘’Instant” Interaction

Instant is the buzzword around everything with instant soups and dishes making fortunes. Short attention span is fuelling the desire of instant replies or answers by customers in business as well as everywhere. Instant messaging scores over email due to the real-time talk it offers. You have a message to get across; you type it and Voila! Everyone can see it. There is no waiting time for customers as they can interact according to their comfort. ‘Customer is the king’ is a proverb, and instant messaging has it at the core.

Simple To Setup

Instant messaging is way simpler and effective than conventional methods for customer and business interactions. It can streamline business by having everybody on board without being physically present. The customer side of using it is simple to the word with no hassles for the customer to interact. The plethora of applications and technological software make IM easy to set up for the desired audience. It is also an efficient mode of discussing work in business meetings and can help connect anyone required virtually. Several helpful materials like spring webflow tutorial can help understand IM and integrate it for messaging.

Consider this, you want to reach out to customers with a different timezone or have a business meeting in which everyone cannot be present at the desired time, but instant messaging can make it possible. Sounds Promising? Right.

Cost Effective

This is one of the major value points of instant messaging for business. Several services such as slack empower businesses with a variety of abilities in instant messaging to customers. It saves up on the expensive telephone or conference calls. The customers along with ease, also find it a convenient and cheap way of gathering the information they seek. Overall, the straight cost saving is immense along with the long-term productivity and consumer loyalty.


An astronomical 6.1 billion people are supposed to be using smartphones by 2020. Smartphone users are at ease with messaging, and you can tap into this potential by offering instant messaging in your biz. Apps to notify about the offers you have or to handle queries can go a long way in keeping customers engaged and willing to spread your word.


The above-listed capabilities show why instant messaging is a powerhouse for the successful business endeavour. Being user-friendly as a USP ensures that it is one of the best ways to capture consumer interest. Effective communication is a tool that when leveraged leads to engaged existing consumers and a vast number of new ones.