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Are you confused about digital printing and offset printing?

Most of the people think that printing is printing and there is no difference between digital printing and offset printing but this is not so. There are some distinctions between digital printing and offset printing but before looking at them let us sees what digital printing and offset printing is. In offset printing plates are used, these plates are made from aluminum. The plates used in offset printing are used to transfer the image onto a rubber blanket, after the transfer of image the images then rolled onto a sheet of paper.

 In digital printing, the plates are not used; in this type of printing other options are used such as toner.

Professional look with offset printing

Offset printing can be used when you need to print large quantities of paper. This type of printer is also used when you need a professional look in your printing. It gives accurate color reproduction, as well as the printing, is clean and crisp. In case you need lower quantities of paper to be printed you can go for Digital Printing, another advantage of digital printing is its variable data capability which you will not see in offset printing. With the help of offset printing, you can print in large quantities but if you are a businessman or an individual running a small Enterprise the best option for you will be Digital Printing. Print NYC can be done with both offset and digital printers.

 What should be the best choice for your next print project

Both offset printing and digital printing have their unique and important advantages. But depending on your project requirements, you can select between the two of them. When you need to print in larger quantities and want to use some specific inks then offset printing is the best way to opt. You can also use custom papers and special inks such as metallic and fluorescent inks in offset printing.

In case your project requirements as not that big and you need to print a smaller quantity, say less than a hundred then you can go for digital printing.