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6 Tips to revolutionize press and PR releases

The terrific technological advancements have hugely impacted how audiences segregate themselves. Radio stations, TV channels, and magazines together with the internet, iTunes, and Tivo have enabled this fragmentation to go on naturally. Content on each channel is hyper-targeted to those who access it.

But over the last decade, every digital marketing tactics has evolved to feature similar trait, often called targeting. All of them, right from SEO, PPC, Email Marketing to behavior-based banner ads and TV commercials, all center on this feature. Yet in a unique style, the PR industry still relies on bedrock that continues to be inherently untargeted, also called Press Release. Says Mr. Akshat from NewswireNEXT.com.

Has Social Media really killed Press Release?

Well, it hasn’t killed it. This is because, unless you accept to go the conventional way of choosing targeted marketing, Press Release will keep going. Press Releases are based on the quality of the message and establishing formidable relationships that would then be easy to convert. Mostly, it’s all about going down the PR way, and that’s why you’ll find someone who has mastered it doing it frequently without getting tired.

If you like to break your dalliance with poor Press Release practices:

  1. Admit that you have a problem

If you want to recover, you’ll need to recognize the problem first. You have to know that press release doesn’t function and you should do something to change.

  1. Change your timelines

The benefit of a press release is that you could build a distribution list and deliver your information to all beneficiaries as fast as possible. Again if those beneficiaries don’t care about your subject read your release, give yourself and your PR team time at least 60 days off to get something useful and exciting. Don’t release fake subjects anymore.

  1. You should make a good relationship for release

Reasons for 60days off is for you to have time to create an exciting story, communications that show clearly that you understand the writers work, an introductory tweet and thoughtful blog comment. Don’t hesitate to approach a journalist if you think he or she will be interested in your pitch. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

  1. Choose more than one channel

Nowadays narratives are fading out, and articles are getting shorter and related content like videos and photos too. You will be disadvantaged when your story will not have strong meaning or rather doesn’t have videos. Just use PitchEngine to make your story interesting and related multi-media.

  1. Do research

If you use PitchEngine and be able to get a blogger or a journalist to cover your story, it will be now a sure that you will get to be picked up by the search engines. Then you have to get a wordtracker account and use it when you talk about your story angle, use the terms that have SEO benefit to you and your client.

  1. Monitor your success

To track your progress by using a tracking URL like one from BudURL to know how often your content has been clicked. You can also use Google alerts to find all blog coverage plus the retweets soon you will be able to reports that show the full impact of PR without press release initiative.