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5 Web Design Features To Make Your Inbound Traffic Stick To Your Site

Bounce rate is a real problem for businesses trying to excel online. A great website should be capable of gluing the visitors to it for a considerable amount of time. It comprises of different elements, from an impressively, catchy tagline to a re-watched viral video.

When view from the marketing lens, user-experience is a differentiator, describing quality content that can retain or captivate the targeted audience, instead of the content that goes unheard in the ocean of white noise. With a broad range of options and low attention spans, the viewers need engaging media if you want them to listen to your message attentively for more than a moment, or if you want them to return to your website.

At present, if you are attracting traffic to your website with digital marketing: SEO, social media marketing, or any other means, you have to be clear that your users are staying on your website long enough to follow the desired CTA. Remember that conversion and traffic are co-dependent; none of them matter at all without the other.

Mentioned here some of the tips to optimize your website to hold the inbound traffic back:

  1. Your Business Information.

When a visitor comes to your website, s/he should be able to get what your page is about instantly. It is great to have a slogan, a tagline, a brief paragraph explicating who you are—but you have to establish your identity well, or people will be inclined to leave your website out of apathy.

  1. Instant, Intuitive Navigation.

Navigation is one of the most important things in a website. It makes your visitors understand which way to go and how they can get there. It is recommended to present your essential information prominently in the header, along with a comprehensive sitemap in the footer, so that visitors will never get lost in the pages of your website.

  1. Discoverable Contact Information.

How would your customers reach you? There should be a phone number on your website’s header/footer, and the contact page of your website. It creates a direct link of communication with your customers, which your users will seriously admire. Also, Google loves to see the contact details and proper sitemaps.

  1. Consistent, Apparent Branding.

Your brand establishes your identity, and if when you keep a consistent branding, then your users will consider your website as a familiar place. Keep your colors, visuals, and voice complimenting to your website to establish a unique and noticeable experience.

  1. Social Media Integration.

These days, it is important to engage your audience on a social platform as well. Social integration adds credibility to your website, giving your audience a chance to build up social engagements with your brand. Add the links to your social profiles on your website, giving your visitors the opportunities to share your content on the social platforms.

To thrive in today’s biosphere of web design, you need to invest in the cutting-edge website technology and functionality. Try to implement these features to engage your customers with your website effectively. If you are getting your website developed or revamped, make sure, your web design company includes these features on your website.