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  5 Reasons That Will Prove That Business Cards Do Matter!

“The most important thing in communication hears what isn’t said.”– By Peter Drucker

And it is here, where the visiting cards come into the picture as they speak a lot more about you than your precise info printed on them. They are your representatives when you are physically not present with the card holder.

Calling Cards or business cards are small, rectangular cards which convey holder’s name, designation, business information, and basic contact information such as telephone number and E-mail.

Why do they Matter?

  1. Impression

It’s true that the first impression matters the most. And in business, it sets up a tone for the future.

  • Makes your Business Trustworthy: As an introduction, handsome looking card, whose design suits your type of business, enhances credibility and initially makes your business trustworthy.
  • Makes you look Professional: Just the way you dress up or present yourself, business cards play an important role in giving out first impressions. Just by handing one out for contact purpose, it gives a positive and professional impression to your client, making him comfortable in doing business with you.
  1. Friendly to the pocket

Calling Cards are an easy and cost-effective marketing tool for your business.  A local printing company can print them at a very low but reasonable price, and over that, you can design it yourself to give it your personal touch.

  1. Portability

As you can carry them in your pockets, calling cards go wherever you go. Having a few of them with you increases the potential of expanding your contact-range and getting more customers, partners, clients, etc.

No Downtime: these ever-accessible cards have any downtime unlike other means of communications.

  1. Branding

These cards give an identity to your company and build a brand. With the designated logo, a slogan and a design that suits your brand, it promotes your brand to everyone who looks at it.

  • Promotional Tool: Whenever you hand out a card, you are promoting your brand. But by making it a brochure, it makes it handy while giving the person reasons for calling you back or doing business with you.
  • Communicational Tool: If the design of the card is adequately smart and stands out, it will gain the attention of people who look at it and will tell them whatever your company or brand stands for.
  1. Networking

A lot of businesses work online these days. They have a separate virtual body on the internet. But still, face-to-face interactions have proven to create healthy business relationships, opportunities, and sales. Hence a calling card is the most powerful tool for that.

Getting Back to You!

Even in this digital era, this rectangular paper is the best way to share contact information with interested individuals. Hand out your calling card, and you leave a suitable impression on the receiver. So, here is my card…