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4 Ways to Recover Deleted Data from Flash Drive

There are many reasons that can cause loss of files in the USB or flash drive. Files may be mistakenly deleted or corrupted by viruses. The cut and copy processes can also give birth to the need to recover deleted files from flash drive. Whether the files are lost or not, it is always suggested to take preventive measures as one would not want to face panic situations of retrieving data. The file recovery can be done using the following methods or by using recovery software like apeaksoft data recovery.

  • Without using recovery software:

Data is recovered by using a command prompt in this method. Once the flash drive is connected, the user is ready to launch the command prompt. By running the cmd.exe file as administrator will start the process. The files are completely recovered by giving the command ATTRIB-H-R-S/S/ DH:*.*

  • Using Software:

This is the most suitable way to recover the deleted data from USB drives. Many software products like apeaksoft data recovery have such features that can restore the deleted files from any file location including flash drives.

  • From previous file versions:

Windows has a useful feature of backup; this is the easiest way of recovering the file. The user has to open the file location, go to the properties and click on the “Previous Versions.” This will lead to the list of the backup of the folder. The user can choose the required file and restore it by clicking on “Restore.”

  • From backups:

The people who have the habit to backup files do not have to worry much about the data recovery. They can find the lost files in their copies or the backup done on the hard drive. With the facility of cloud storage backing up has become easier. Thus, one should have a habit of backing up important files.

USB drives are a vital source of storage as they are portable. They travel with you to meetings and your office. Thus, the data that it stores needs to be taken care of. The above given easy ways can help you restore the files anytime and anywhere easily. There can be other ways too so that the deleted files can get back.