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4 Signs That Your Indoor Plants Need Better LED Grow Lights

Your plants need the perfect amount of light to thrive indoors year-round. You can learn a lot about how well your LED grow lights setup works by taking a look at your plants. If you spot any warning signs of poor light conditions, you can take immediate action to remedy that problem and restore the health of your plants. Watch your plants for the four following signs that your indoor plants need better grow lights.

Long Stems

Plants will try to compensate for poor lighting by growing long stems to reach toward the light source. This leggy growth is undesirable because it can minimize the amount of fruit or flowers produced by each plant. The long stems tend to decrease the stability of the plant as its structure does not develop naturally. The stems may suffer breakage or even fall over if you do not upgrade to better grow lights or move the light source closer to your plants.

Yellow Foliage

Plants require great lighting to complete the photosynthesis cycle that produces the food they need. In poor light conditions, this process will slow down, causing the plants to become nutrient deficient rather quickly. The lack of nutrients and proper function of the plant will turn the foliage yellow, then brown as the plant dies.

Small Leaves

Without a proper growing cycle, your plants may start to grow smaller leaves than normal. The small leaves allow the plants to redirect its nutrients to the roots and stems to stay alive in less than desirable conditions. The smaller leaves capture even less light than before, however, necessitating an immediate upgrade to more powerful grow lights.

Excessive Leaning

As your plants search for the best possible lighting, they may start to lean in one direction to reach for the light. You can stake the plant upright at first, but will eventually need to correct your lighting to reverse this problem. Once you have great grow lights in place, your plants should exhibit normal growth patterns and return to its normal structure and strength.

Finding the Best LED Grow Lights for Your Plants

To ensure your indoor plants grow beautifully through every season, you will need to focus on optimizing your grow light setup. As you put in the effort of improving your grow lights, you should notice a drastic difference in how your plants grow. You will also notice a marked improvement in your plants’ appearance and ability to produce flowers or fruits in large yields. If you need assistance in identifying and acquiring the best LED grow lights for your indoor plants, give the team at California Lightworks a call today at 800-575-3475.