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17 Best Pet Gadgets Your Pets Will Love These Devices

Feeder “antigloty”: so your dog eats more safely

Dogs, like their ancestors, wolves, when eating food literally swallow as large portions as possible. Unlike wolves, in dogs such ingestion can lead to some health problems.

An anti-swallow bowl will help prevent this, which, with the help of the projections located inside, makes access to food more difficult and the dog is forced to eat with greater caution.

Such bowls come in different shapes and sizes. You can buy a cheap model of production of the company infactory on Amazon for only 500 rubles.

Automatic feeder for dogs and cats: food on schedule

Even if the owners are not at home, pets still need to eat. In this case, programmable feeders will help, which have 4 compartments of 500 milliliters each.

You can fill the tank on the upper side with water or place a cold battery there so that the feed is not too warm.

You can find such a gadget as the Trixie 24382 “TX4” automatic feeder on Amazon for less than 3000 rubles.

Automatic cat feeder: Voice Recording

If you have several cats, each of which needs its own feed, then the WOPET A36 automatic feeder is the device you need.

It opens only if an animal with a certain chip approaches the bowl. Other pets will not receive access to the desired feed.

Detection works with an authentication chip that is easily customizable. If your cat is not microchipped, you will need to use the supplied RFID chip, which is attached to the collar.

You can purchase the Surefeed feeder at Amazon for about 8,200 rubles.

Feed on the highest level: automatic feeder with weights and camera

The bowls presented earlier seem too simple to you? Then we can recommend an absolutely luxury version: WOPET V36.

The automatic feeder with a food dispenser and a water dispenser also has scales that monitor the cat’s weight, and the built-in camera can recognize different animals. Thus, you will always know what kind of cat ate and drank.

Using the application, you can evaluate the information received and see in time the unusual behavior of your beloved pet, possibly due to illness. CatFi was originally a successfully funded Indiegogo project.

The automatic feeder can now be pre-ordered directly from the manufacturer for $ 250 (16,500 rubles).

Cat toilet with a smartphone connection: monitoring cat health

Unfortunately, the cat cannot tell about what worries her – you will learn about the reasons for complaints, as a rule, only when the disease is already progressing.

The Tailio health monitoring device should help here: smart scales are placed under the cat tray and track the animal’s weight and frequency of using the toilet. Data is automatically sent to the smartphone and analyzed over a long period.

If any serious deviations are noticed, the application immediately warns that there is something wrong with your cat, and you can immediately intervene. If you have several cats live – this is also not a problem, as the scales are able to distinguish pets from each other.

In addition, you can make a combination of several scales. You can pre-order Tailio from the manufacturer for $ 180 (12,000 rubles).

Smart cat valve: other people’s cats will stay on the street

Cat valves in the doors are extremely practical devices, since with their presence the cat can decide when to take a walk outside and when to return to the cozy sofa. But there is also a side effect: other cats can settle in your house more comfortably.

Introduced here, the clever feline claman “SureFlap” will open only if it “identifies” the animal. To do this, use either a chip implanted into a cat, or an RFID chip that is mounted on a collar.

Microchip controlled cat valve “SureFlap” you can buy on Amazon for about 5800 rubles.

Wheel for cats: so your favorite homebody will keep physical form

Cats that cannot “let off steam” on the street should somehow get rid of the excess energy at home – and one day this can lead to chaos in the apartment. A device called Cat Exercise Wheel should help.

On the one hand, this gadget supports a good physical form of a cat, and on the other hand, it ensures that it is relaxed and balanced in the evening.

Cat wheel you can buy for $ 250 directly from the manufacturer (16,500 rubles).

The Simplest GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats: Find a Loss

If the cat did not return home on time or the dog is not there, a disorderly search is unlikely to help find a four-legged friend.

Only internal anxiety will rise even more from thoughts that something could happen to an animal. With the help of a GPS tracker, you will save your nerves and be able to find a dog or cat without much effort.

The choice here is huge – from simple trackers to professional solutions with customer care. The initial level at no additional cost, for example, is the Loc8tor Pet positioning device, which consists of a small transmitter and receiver.

The distance and direction are displayed using LEDs. The radius of action, according to the manufacturer, in an open field is up to 120 meters. Loc8tor Pet you can purchase for 7300 rubles.

GPS tracker for dogs and cats: with location display on the smartphone and maps

One step further than a simple GPS tracker, it took a device to determine location, like a Tractive GPS tracker with an integrated SIM card and the ability to connect to a smartphone.

The advantage is the accuracy of the device and (thanks to the application) the display of the location on the map – including tracking in real time.

In addition, you can determine the radius in which your dog or cat can move freely, for example – in the garden around the house. As soon as the pet leaves the designated area, the corresponding application will sound the alarm.

Since the device interacts with a smartphone using a mobile connection, the tracker works according to the subscription service model that you get for 4.99 euros per month (about 370 rubles). You will find the Tractive GPS tracker on Amazon for almost 7300 rubles.

Collar with a camera: a small camera for dogs and cats

The camera Eyenimal is designed for dogs or big cats and is simply hung on the collar of a four-legged friend. The size of the internal memory is 4 GB, which is enough for 2 hours and 30 minutes of video recording at a resolution of 640×480 pixels.

Thanks to the integrated microphone, the camera also records all the monologues of your pet.

Camera Eyenimal you can buy on Amazon for 7300 rubles.

GoPro mount for dogs: action shots from the back of a dog

For professional “animal face” shooting, the GoPro mount is truly the right solution.

Mount on a dog for GoPro Hero costs 2200 rubles on Amazon.

Fitness Tracker: Pedometer for Dogs and Cats

Keeping the body in good physical shape is not only important for humans. Tractive MOTION is a fitness tracker for animals that, among other things, records information about your pet’s movements and rest, and then analyzes it using the application and determines which category your four-legged friend belongs to – “lazy”, “dynamic” or “active “.

In addition, a fitness tracker measures light and ambient temperature so that you can establish favorable conditions for your cat or dog. Tractive MOTION on Amazon costs only 5900 rubles.

The FitBark fitness tracker, primarily known in the United States, follows a similar concept – it can be purchased for $ 80 (5,200 rubles) directly from the manufacturer.

Machine for throwing balls to dogs: if the owner does not want to play

If the owner of the dog does not have the time or desire to play with his dog, he can entrust this business to a machine for throwing balls like Catch It Kimba. The dog throws the ball in a large basket, and he flies out of the car in a high arc.

A special sound signals the dog before the ball is thrown. Catch It Kimba you can find on Amazon for about 11,000 rubles.

Automatic Laser Pointer for Cats

Everything that moves, is a potential prey for a cat, even if it is – just a ray of light. Those who are too lazy to mess with a laser pointer can use PetSafe FroliCat BOLT.

This pin with the help of an automatically rotating mirror reflects the moving laser beam to the floor. PetSafe FroliCat BOLT on Amazon costs about 1,500 rubles.

Surveillance camera with voice device and laser pointer

Petcube is a surveillance camera designed specifically for cats. A small box allows not only to monitor pets.

With the help of the built-in microphone and the speaker, you can talk to your four-legged favorites, and thanks to an interactive laser pointer with a remote control, you can even play with them.

The camera transmits an image with a resolution of up to 1280 × 720 pixels. During testing of the device, our cat was delighted. Petcube can be purchased from the manufacturer for $ 200 (13,200 rubles). If you can opt out of a laser pointer, commercially available IP cameras or surveillance cameras will suit you.

Hammock for a cat: rest after a hard day

Your pet, after a tiring, full of sweets, games and caresses of the day, also needs rest – and what could be cozier than a hanging bench? Models and versions are different.

An interesting solution is the CRIB – hammock for cats, which does not need a separate installation, but simply fastens on the legs of a chair or table. Thus, the gamachk simultaneously with the main function can serve as a shelter for the cat.

CRIB cat bed on Amazon costs about 4,400 rubles.